What is the setting of Tales of Old Rus?
An original fantasy world, Belosvet is home to bogatyrs, wizards, and sorcerers, amusing little spirits known as nechistiks, and myriad creatures most foul. The world of Belosvet is inspired by Slavic folklore and has been carefully and lovingly redesigned by artist/author Roman Papsuev.
Inhabited by beloved characters from epic poems and fairy tales, including Vasilisa the Wise, Varvara the Fair, Koschey the Deathless, and the fire-breathing Gorynich, this world offers no shortage of adventures. Encounter hideous witches known as veshtitsas from Western Slavic folklore, bloodthirsty werewolves, and even vile demons from the Beyond.
The people of Slavia, the union of Rus and the states of the Golden Chain, have lived in peace and tranquility since time immemorial... but will it last?
Who worked on the game soundtrack?
The game's soundtrack is being created by Dmitriy Silantyev, known for his work on the game series Pathfinder (Kingmaker, Wrath of the Righteous), Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader, Allods Online, Armored Warfare, Skyforge.
About visual style
We chose a faible art style. We took a basic Union Soviet and Disney animation from the 60s.
You can see current screenshots and artwork from the upcoming game in the Art section.
What content will be available during early access?
In early access players will be able to try next content:
- Players will be able to "Paths of the Hero'' quests to get to know more about Belosvet and inhabitants.
- One playable hero. Crafty Varvara is able to move enemies. and Vasilisa the Wise with
defensive techniques that deal tons of passive damage to the enemy.

What about strategies for classes?
Yes, as we have shown before, heroes will have their own set of cards and unique mechanics. With a large number of additional combat conditions, each new journey will be different from the previous one.
More About Early Access & Beyond
Engaging the community in the early stages is very important to us. We want to create a game that will be enjoyable for both us and our players.
During early access, we plan to experiment with game balance (including card costs and effects) based on player feedback to create an exciting adventure.
We ask players to help us by allowing automatic anonymous report submissions.
How will the planned full version differ from the early access version?
In the full version of the game, we will add a lot of content: players will have access to new heroes, enemies, card sets, and surprises.
After completing all tasks in each of the Hero Paths, players will be able to battle the final boss.
Additionally, extensive work will be done to balance the game to achieve an engaging gameplay experience.
Are there any other games planned in this setting?
We plan more than one game based on “Tales of Old Russia”. The universe is very rich and meticulously detailed, which allows us to create games in different genres.
Stay tuned for news!
Technical issues
How do I report bugs/issues I find in the game?
You can submit a bug report to the email support@1cgs.net or start a discussion on the Steam Community.
What platform can I play “Deathless. Tales of Old Rus” on?
During Early Access the game will be available on PC through Steam. We will provide further information about other platforms separately.
Will there be achievements, trading cards, emojis, and profile backgrounds on Steam?
We don’t plan to add promo content during Early Access. However, it doesn't mean that there won't be any at all.
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