A card-based adventure
in the Tales of Old Rus setting
The first video game adaptation of the original universe.
Deathless. Tales of Old Rus is a card-based roguelike with endless strategic variety.
Each hero has their own set of unique cards that you can add to your deck to overcome the challenges that await you. No two journeys will ever be the same!
Explore Belosvet alongside the heroes of Russian epic poems and fairy tales. Battle the forces of evil and defeat Koschey the Deathless himself!
Take a stand
against evil
Roadmap 2024
Vasilisa the Wise
Varvara the Fair
A powerful elemental sorceress, Vasilisa can summon nursemaids to aid her in battle as she sees fit.
Or she can take any enemy on by herself — it all depends on how you decide to develop her abilities!
Deal tons of passive damage
Recover AP
Thin your deck
Command Nursemaids
Vasilisa the Wise
Varvara the Fair
Crafty and cunning in equal measure, Varvara the treasure hunter wields her trusty pickaxe and enchanted braid in battle. The braid obeys her mental commands, assuming various shapes at its owner’s behest.
Manipulate your foes
Evade damage
Ignore Armor
Slow, stun, and control foes in other ways
An original fantasy world, Belosvet is home to bogatyrs, wizards, and sorcerers, amusing little spirits known as nechistiks, and myriad creatures most foul. The world of Belosvet is inspired by Slavic folklore and has been carefully and lovingly redesigned by artist/author Roman Papsuev.
Inhabited by beloved characters from epic poems and fairy tales, including Vasilisa the Wise, Varvara the Fair, Koschey the Deathless, and the fire-breathing Gorynich, this world offers no shortage of adventures. Encounter hideous witches known as veshtitsas from Western Slavic folklore, bloodthirsty werewolves, and even vile demons from the Beyond.
The people of Slavia, the union of Rus and the states of the Golden Chain, have lived in peace and tranquility since time immemorial... but will it last?
All things must end.
Even this page.
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